National MI4 Award

The National MI4 Awards recognises trainees in plastic surgery displaying excellence in microsurgical techniques. The training unit and the consultants / senior trainer will also be recognised in the award as they have guided the trainee through the programme. 

For submission trainees are asked to submit a video recording of task 'round the clock' and the final chicken vessel anastomosis 5 minute clip and recording of the final anastomosis cut open to assess the internal wall. 

Please see recording below. 

The videos will be assessed by microsurgeons and the best scores will receive the National MI4 award.
If you do not have access to a microscope but would like to take part please contact us and we will organise access in one of the MI4 microsurgery laboratories.

Submissions should be made to

This can be made via the google drive or dropbox.

In your email please state

Training Unit:
Consultant/ senior trainer:
Level: SHO/ Registrar

Good Luck