Chicken prep

Chicken Vessel Preparation

For the programme, trainees will need to purchase chicken thigh with leg from any grocery or butcher store. Place the chicken with the leg towards you. Make an incision with a blade at the junction of the biceps femoris and semitendinosus as shown in the video below. Dissect these two muscles apart. You may have to release the muscle from the spine. The vessels will come into view as you dissect towards the femur bone. The nerve after and vein run horizontally.

Secure the flap of muscle with pins or excise and continue the vessel preparation under the microscope.  Divide the vessel that you wish to anastomosis and place you vascular clamps. Once your anastomosis is complete perform a leak test.

Chicken Vessel Anastomosis

NB If you are completing the anastomosis for assessment, make sure you record your name or reference number, your consultant lead and trainee leads name written on a paper and without stopping initiate the anastomosis. This is particularly important if you are submitting for the National PLASTA MI4 Trainee Microsurgeon of the Year Award.

Although there is no bleeding get used to using the irrigation.