Microsurgery Education at the Microsurgery Institute 4

The MI4 microsurgery laboratory and programme is developed as a cost effective, self-sufficient microsurgical simulation training system to enable trainees to develop skills in a safe environment with minimal burden. The programme has also been validated in a randomised control study showing a higher microsurgical skill level in those who have completed the programme compared to the control group. The results are due to be published.
This website is designed to aid trainees and trainers set up a laboratory and MI4 programme, providing course material and information. A nationwide trainee survey presented by PLASTA in 2015 has identified huge disparities in the exposure to patient and simulation based microsurgical training in different regions in the UK. 98% of the trainees strongly encouraged and supported their unit to have a simulation laboratory.The stepwise training programme allows objective assessment using validated laboratory-based tasks for comparison with peers and assessment by trainers and works in conjunction to clinical practice.The program is designed to accommodate to the shift system with self-directed and trainer guided learning.As the NHS is changing, surgical training is changing. Increasing pressures on time, resources, efficiency and transparent outcomes have resulted in consultant led care becoming essential and as a result trainees are getting less exposure and direct experience. It is no longer acceptable to expose patients to a trainees’ surgical learning curve. With a national role out of the system we hope the program will allow all trainees to have access to microsurgical training and masterclasses.

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